You Hit Like a Girl!

“You hit like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” are phrases used in today’s society meant to imply we as women are not as strong or as competitive as our male counterparts. This is simply not true. Women hold up our families, our communities, and the world. Do not be afraid to embrace being a woman and your womanhood. Unfortunately, those phrases we learned as children, often guide us through situations in our adulthoods. While at work we are often afraid to seem to “girly” or show certain emotions out of fear of being called petty or some other name that is meant to be demeaning to our gender. While we may have to bite our tongue and hold back at work, it is not necessary to do so on our free time. When we come home, and our uniforms and stuffy work apparel comes off, it is our time to embrace who we are. If you want to dress up in the highest heels you can find and put on the shortest dress to match, do so. More comfortable running around the house completely naked or in a pair of sweats -just do it. If you want to let your hair down, take a pole dancing class, put on some sexy lingerie to feel that silk or satin against your skin do it or learn about the latest great tasting beer, do so. Being a woman does not limit your opportunity to explore what it is you like and enjoy. Embrace your womanhood and embrace your life, you only have one.
​While you are embracing your life, do not forget to take care of your mental and physical health. Do not overextend yourself taking care of others, if you do not have to. We all have responsibilities and obligations to the people we love, but we also have a duty to take care of ourselves. If you are not feeling well, take the day off, get some rest, call a friend or family member and ask them to take care of the kids for a few hours while you take a nap, get a massage or do whatever makes you happy. Seek counseling if you feel you have some emotional or mental health issues you need to work through. Do not skip regular check-ups with your family practitioner or gynecologists. Eat food that makes you feel good and move your body. Get tested regularly for diseases that affect us such as HIV or breast cancer. Taking care of yourself ensures you will be able to be a better employee, friend, daughter, mother, lover, woman and so much more.

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