If You Want it Let your Sexual Desires be Known

Most women in today’s society fear that they will be judged for their sexual desires.  Well I’m here to tell you that most people that are so quick to judge, have a few skeletons in their closet and it’s easier for them to lash out at someone else rather than looking in the mirror.  So take the high road darling, because embarrassment is a choice.

I’ve learned that if it’s something that you want sexually and that you desire, you must inform your partner.  As my mother always said – “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”.  I mean that literally!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spice it up and get a little dirty, freaky or even nasty with your partner.  Now by no means am I condoning doing everything with everybody – that’s just not cool.  However, I have also learned that they can’t bash you with the same tongue that they used to eat your ass.  Yes, I said it.

photoSo if you want it just tell you partner.  Make the best of #TouchMeTuesday and let them know what it is that you desire and that you want it today!  Send your partner a text, or a little revealing photo and let them know that it’s on tonight!

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