Nydisha Williams – Cutie off Duty’s WCW

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with the beautiful and talented Nydisha Williams, who is the proud owner of the:

Beauty Boutique Hair Salon
29 S. 60th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Tues-Thurs 9 to 5
Friday 9 to 6
Saturday 9 to 4

Nydisha is a entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  20140609-140827-50907539.jpgEven though she has a very hectic and busy schedule, she manages to get it all done with ease and maintain her “Cutie off Duty” status.

She admits that in the beginning that it wasn’t easy, but then again neither is anything in life worth having.  At the age of 12 Nydisha made the decision, that she wanted to own a hair salon and be her own boss.  Nydisha made the sacrifice of giving up a stable job to make her dream happen.  Nydisha stated, “in the beginning being broke to get my business up and running wasn’t easy, but now that I own my business it was definitely worth it.  To succeed in your dreams you must be a dedicated hard worker with passion.  Passion separates you from the people who just want a check.”

As I spoke with Nydisha I could definitely see her eyes light up and passion is definitely one thing she has when it comes to discussing her dreams. What’s even more spectacular is that Nydisha had all these things accomplished before the age of 30, so yes it is POSSIBLE.  So show some love to this weeks #WCW ……… Nydisha Williams.

Cutie off Duty salutes you for being a “Cutie off Duty” Nydisha I wish you many more years of continued success.

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