Women Do It All

Have you ever heard the saying “let a man be a man” or “ nobody wants an independent woman” etc? There seems to be this notion that women have to be demure, passive, and docile in order to be deemed appealing to the opposite sex. Men are supposed to be the dominant ones. The breadwinners who “bring home the bacon” while women tend to the supposedly more unassuming roles, such as mother and taking care of the home. However, unless you have been living under a rock the last few decades, you know more and more women are asserting their independence. Today, college campuses are often composed of a 40:60 split in which women are outnumbering the men. Women are also making up some of the largest leaps in entrepreneurship. As women continue to break down walls and barriers that once stood in our way, we are seeing more and more pushback from some men, and even some women.

I have personally seen women be told things like “Don’t buy your own home. No man wants to date a woman he doesn’t believe needs his help.” In 2012, the book “The End of Men: And the rise of women” by Hanna Rosin got a lot of tongues wagging on men no longer being necessary. Now, we all have men in our lives, as friends, lovers, fathers, sons, etc. We know men can be loving and supportive of our goals and dreams, but there are some who feel their masculinity is tied up in earning more or how reliant their significant other is on them. These are the type of men who are insecure at the notion of independent women. These are the type of men who will attempt to assert whatever power they feel they have over their partners. These may also turn into the type of men who, if they fall on difficult financial times or lose their job, can become withdrawn, depressed, and even violent towards their partners. In other words, these are the type of men one should be wary of.

Unfortunately, society has set up men and women to believe that men are natural born leaders, and women are supposed to follow. While things are clearly changing, we still have to continue to recognize this notion as the problem it is. Women are just as capable as leading as men are, and are proving this every day. Some men—many men—will struggle with accepting women who are opinionated, assertive, and take-charge. This issue is often revealing of these men’s insecurities and their own inferiority complex. Do not lose faith, there are plenty of men who support women who know what they want, and have goals and dreams. Focus on the men who are supportive and will help you reach your goals instead of hindering them.

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