The Adult Industry Working Woman

Prostitution is known as the world’s oldest profession, and yet, the women who engage in the profession are demeaned and marginalized. Women who work in the sex industry, are often frowned upon and looked at as lower class because of their profession – whether it’s phone sex, exotic dancing, or porn stars. This, unfortunately, has a number of negative repercussions such as these women feeling unable to report an assault, missing out on employee benefits, and isolation from friends and family because they have to keep their profession a secret. Why do women who work in a profession that has been around for millennia have to hide it in secrecy or face harsh consequences? This question is especially troubling when we ponder the fact that men who patronize the services of these women are not demonized in the same way women are.

While women compose the largest group of those working in the sex industry, it is men who are the biggest consumers and patronize their services. Men will openly discuss going to a strip club to celebrate a bachelor party, a promotion at work, or even just to blow off some steam after a hard work week. They are rarely given disapproving looks and comments about engaging in this behavior. Many musical artists make strip club images a major part of their persona. The big spender who can “make it rain” at the strip club is seen as powerful and take charge type of person, while the women who work in these industries are called a number of impolite names. Why is this? Why do women who engage in the profession or even like patronizing the services of the sex industry deemed “impure” or “tainted” while the men are often bestowed with a level of respect?

One cannot deny there are a number of issues wrong with the sex industry as a whole. Unfortunately, there are some people who end up forced into it due to circumstances, and this is unacceptable. However, there are a number of women who willingly choose to work in this industry for a number of reasons, and those women are just as deserving of respect as anyone else. Regardless of your reason, I #support you! People are sexual beings, and we all deserve to have our decisions acknowledged and` respected.

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